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PHP-Barcode 0.4

PHP-Barcode generates...
  • ...Barcode-Images using libgd (png, jpg,gif),
  • ...HTML-Images (using 1x1 pixel and html-table)
  • ...silly Text-Barcodes
  • ...has been written written in PHP
  • ...runs on Unix (Linux, BSD, ...)
  • ...runs since version 0.3 on Windows
Barcode EAN-0123456789012

PHP-Barcode encodes using PHP-Barcode is OpenSource, GPL'ed

Examples? Check this out

Warning! Update pre 0.4 installations

All Versions before 0.4 allow remote-code execution when calling 'genbarcode' due to incorrect escaping the parameters.
This affects only installations with enabled 'genbarcode'.
Thanks to Fernando Muñoz for reporting this issue.
Update to Version 0.4 asap. See also Patch.


0.4, 2011-08-15 * Bugfix: Correct Shell-Escaping calling genbarcode
* Use of preg functions instead of ereg
* Shipping Free-TTF file
* several fixups
0.3pl1: * support for magic_quotes_gpc set to off
0.3: + Windows compatible
* various code-fixes


php-barcode-0.4.tar.gz (107kByte) PHP-Source (.tar.gz)

genbarcode 0.4

Genbarcode is a command line barcode-encoder which uses GNU-Barcode (libbarcode) for encoding.

It runs on Unix and Windows!

Not an image is produced, but a string which represents bars and spaces, characters and checksums and thats positions ans sizes.

$ genbarcode 
Usage genbarcode <code> <encoding>

You can use the following types:
ANY    choose best-fit 
UPC    upc == 12-digit ean 
ISBN   isbn numbers (still EAN13) 
39     code 39 
128    code 128 (a,b,c: autoselection) 
128C   code 128 (compact form for digits)
128B   code 128, full printable ascii 
I25    interleaved 2 of 5 (only digits) 
128RAW Raw code 128 (by Leonid A. Broukhis
CBR    Codabar (by Leonid A. Broukhis) 
MSI    MSI (by Leonid A. Broukhis) 
PLS    Plessey (by Leonid A. Broukhis)
93     code 93 (by Nathan D. Holmes)
and here in action:
$ genbarcode 012345678901
0:12:0 12:12:1 19:12:2 26:12:3 33:12:4 40:12:5 47:12:6 59:12:7 66:12:8 73:12:9 80:12:0 87:12:1 94:12:2
PHP-Barcode for example uses that strings to produce nice png- or jpg-images.


0.4: + Windows compatible (Borland C++Builder 5.5)
0.3: * Fixes for *BSD (run 'gmake')


genbarcode-0.4.tar.gz (11kByte) Unix-Source
genbarcode-0.4-win32bin.zip (81kByte) Windows Binary (>=Windows 95)
genbarcode-0.4-win32src.zip (49kByte) Windows Source. Includes ready to "make" ported versions of gnu-barcode-0.98 and libpaper-1.1.13.

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