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Nagios 1.2 Host-Check Enhancement

This is a hack for the network monitor nagios (www.nagios.org)

For every host you can specify a 'check_command', but no parameters, different to the 'check_command' for services, where this is possible.
If you want to monitor hosts inside a firewalled and NATed network from outside, you can check that hosts with nrpe/nrpe2, installed on the firewall.
check_nrpe/check_nrpe2 takes some parameters; for the services no problem, but if you want to do the same with the host-check_command, you need my patch.

Nagios 1.2 Host-Check Enhancement gives you the possibility to use parameters for the host-check_command.

Just use parameters! Something like
check_command           check_nrpe2!check_mun_mozart_ping

inside 'define host' is now possible.

Patch for nagios-1.2: nagios-1.2-folke-hostcheckparams.diff

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